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Dynamics of creativity!

Dynamics of  creativity!
Art lovers can head over for the unique show Art -  The Dynamic Process that brings together the works of 62 contemporary artistes under a roof. The exhibition encompasses works in myriad mediums by artists spawning generations and regions across the subcontinent.

The dynamics of the creative process transcends the facets of technique and stylistics, to explore highly individual and shared exploration of meaning and aesthetics. Painters, sculptors, printmakers, ceramicists, and digital artistes interpret and experiment with imagery and iconography throughout lexicons they embrace. Their journeys constitute expressions of the ideas and energy underlying contemporary society’s multimedia visual culture.

The artistes are showcasing their masterpieces at this show. Orissa based semi-realistic figurative painter, Asit Patnaik has enjoyed much critical acclaim and popular appreciation over the past few years, his sculptures and paintings varies and are very thematic, over the similar platform we can find the most experienced artiste who uses strong, bright colours., Niren Sen Gupta’s paintings are thought provoking. He also uses black ink pens along with vibrant colours to define his compositions. In some of his art works he has also tried to showcase Indian Gods and mythology.

Coming to the ceramics Hemi Bawa’s sculptures were innovative and different, unique in material, texture, design and form. Her bronze and fibre glass sculptures are inherently complete stories. Whether abstract or real, each piece speaks of a mood and expression dug from deep within the heart of the patina and interlocking curves. Not only ceramics Arijoy Bhattacharya’s drawing from diverse influences ranging from post-modern philosophy to Indian metaphysical traditions are truly made for a keen observer. His art explores reciprocity and mimes, like an abstract machine, that involves the circular operations that simultaneously reveals and denies phenomenal realities. The photography and multimedia installations of Bose Krishnamachari are attractive and provide the viewer with a clear idea of the concept behind his work which also comprises of vivid abstract paintings, figurative drawings,sculpture.

Between all these figurative paintings, sculptures and multimedia installations, artiste Surya Prakash brings his art by his intimacy with the elements of  nature. By painting the most ubiquitous aspects of nature as bare tree trunks, dense forests, weeds, wild flowers, pools of rain water, reflections of the sky and the wild grass  - elements of utmost simplicity, has given the aesthetics of his art a new visual play made possible by his creativity and emotional reach and feel.

When: 18 – 22 Nov (The Stainless), 22 – 30 Nov (Nitanjali Art Gallery)
TIMINGS:  11 am - 7pm
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