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Dye Another Day!

Smartass does not sell well in Bollywood. Neither does a bad hairdo. With that horrendous peroxide blonde wig and a faux accent, Saif Ali Khan tries to pull off a Russian act like in Eastern Promises. He fails. But then again, that was perhaps intentional. The dye has been cast and how.

The Nawab of Pataudi has done before what no one has expected him to do. We are not talking Kareena Kapoor here. Saif played a UP goon mouthing lines that stink in Omkara. Not very Oxbridge that. As producer he has taken big risks. With sharp suits and sharper lines. Agent Vinod bombed, but the man is willing to risk more. 'I keel dead people,' he says, and the popcorn munchers around me laugh out loud. Something must be going right here.

If you thought zombie movies need gore and no story line, think again. Hardik (Kunal Khemu) and Luv (Vir Das) are living it up in style. Hardik dopes, drinks alcohol and does women. Luv thinks life is elsewhere and wants to try out happy domesticity with the girlfriend. Bunny (Anand Tiwari) takes himself seriously and resents his friends' wanton ways.

Hardik loses his job, Luv his love and they are off to Goa with Bunny. Luv falls for this girl (Pooja Gupta) who asks him to come to a rave party in Goa, hosted by the rusty Russians.

The three boys land up in the isolated island where the party is on. The fun starts after that as almost everyone except these three, Saif and the girl have turned flesh eaters!

It's a sign of growing up when a Bollywood film makes fun of other Bollywood films. Full marks for smirks. The directors know what they want to do with the film. There is a casual confidence that shows.

This is also a rather well-written film (Kunal Khemu and Raja Sen). Sen has been watching films and doing reviews for sometime. He knows what sounds good. The dialogues are smart but believable.

Maybe because he had a point to prove to could-be brother-in-law here, Kunal Khemu has done a decent job. Vir Das is Vir Das. Tiwari has also put up a decent act. Pooja Gupta looks good and does little.

The last zombie film I saw made me want to kill Luke Kenny. Go Goa Gone is a much better attempt. Watch it this weekend.
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