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Durga Puja idol immersion to be branded as special tourist attraction this year

The state tourism department officers are ready to display the immersions to the tourists, especially the foreigners. Mahadashami, the concluding day of the Durga puja will be presented as the end of grand carnival in a much more ceremonious way.

The officers who are working on project said that the divinity of the Durga, the cultural and religious back ground of the Puja and the history are all included in the curriculum made by department. But the immersion ceremonies deserve a special attention.

The immersion of Durga idols in Icchamati River at North 24 Parganas Taki, has become a fascinating sight for the tourists over the year and the department is now getting prepared with detailed plans to incorporate it in their curriculum to show the tourists what immersion really means.

The government is thus planning to not only brandish the different Pujas, old household Pujas, Pujas of zamindars, but also highlighting the immersion process too.

According to government plans, the idol immersing procession will proceed through Red Road on October 14 from 6 pm till midnight. Adequate measures will be taken for the tourists to witness the immersion alongside the roads and ghats.

As this year Mahadashami is on October 11 and the next day is Id-ul-Zoha, with October 13 being a Thursday -- when idols cannot be immersed as per the rituals, the administration feels that the utmost number of immersions - especially that of the city Pujas - will be on October 14. October 14 will be the best day to showcase Puja immersion.

The plan is to display the immersion processions to the rest of the world. Most of the ghats in the city, including Babughat where the famous puja organisers come to immerse the idol and some districts ghats will be well decorated. A strong security system will ensure safety precautions. Some cultural shows are also being planned at the venue. The state tourism department will also display various pictures to capture the moments of the Puja and immersion in temporary gallery on both sides of the roads.

“Only the best 50 Pujas selected by the government are likely to be showcased in Red Road while going for immersion,” said Ajit Ranjan Bardhan, state tourism secretary, adding that this year, the state government is expecting to host biggest foreign tourists haul during Durga Puja and Kali Puja.
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