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‘DU V-C is publicity hound’

Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) has condemned the university vice-chancellor Dinesh Singh as a publicity hound and also criticised the forthcoming meeting of Academic Council of DU, scheduled to be held on  24 December.

Reportedly, Singh had claimed recently that a fake account had been created  in his name in a well-respected e-listing site of research scholars, Thompson Reuters. He had alleged that his email account had been hacked, and the hacker made the Thompson Reuters account in his name. The teachers are now saying that it was nothing but a publicity stunt.

Saikat Ghosh, DUTA  Executive Council member, said, ‘If his account was hacked, the V-C himself should have lodged a complaint with the police, instead of the proctor, as an email account is a personal thing.  It’s hacking leads to invasion of privacy, which is a crime under Article 21 of the constitution of India. Hacking the account of the V-C is not a simple crime and would have only been done by a professional hacker.’

Ghosh added, ‘It is a pathetic attempt on the part of Singh to deflect the public gaze from the infamous controversy surrounding his account with Thompson Reuters. First he says his email account has been hacked. He sounded very unconvincing. Then, when a complaint was lodged with the police, the V-C took a U-turn and claimed a ‘fake’ account has been created in his name. This is categorically different from what he stated earlier.’

Ghosh asked for impartial investigation into the issue and said, ‘It appears to be an academic misappropriation by the V-C, which is not respectable for the head of the central university. It  tarnishes the reputation of both the university and the incumbent.’

Amar Deo Sharma, president of DUTA,  said, ‘The fiasco of somebody else’s articles being attributed to the V-C just cannot be wished away or pushed under the carpet. The V-C must make serious efforts to clear his name. Unfortunately, thus far, the V-C has been sluggish regarding the matter and that baffles one and all. With the controversy, the entire university community, in general, and the teaching community, in particular, feel let down.’ Sharma added, ‘Teachers feel humiliated with such things going around, while the V-C does precious little to clear the air of doubt surrounding his profile on  Thompson Reuters.’

He said, ‘The unseemly haste and suddenness with which the V-C has convened the meeting of the Academic Council on 24 December says it all. There was no urgency to convene this meeting during the vacations, when most council members are not available. Also, this course has been discussed by the DU departments, related faculties or teachers’ general body of the university. It is highly premature and unacademic to push the matter in the Academic Council in this unceremonious, half-baked manner.’
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