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DU, JNU students come up with innovative odd-even ideas

From mobile based applications to vehicle sharing kiosks, from carpooling to cycling, experimenting on several even and odd ideas, students of Delhi’s two premier varsities, Jawaharlal Nehru University and the Delhi University have lent their support to the city’s alternate car driving days initiative.

“The initiative of allowing cars with odd and even registration plates to run alternate days will certainly encourage the concept of car sharing at least in Delhi,” said Vineet Rathi, a student of the Hindu College, who has put up a kiosk to provide information about carpooling to commute to college.

“As a concept the carpooling has been a part of western consciousness, despite the obvious payback of reduced fuel costs and ability to slash congestion it has never really taken off in the Indian metropolitan cities,” Rathi asserted. Ruhi  Mehta, another student, who is also a member of the same kiosk based information group, said, “The availability of technology-based information sharing apps  have brought the concept of carpooling to the mainstream for the first time, as our group is taking help of all mobile based applications to make the odd-even campaign successful.”  

Students decided to make a beginning by cycling to the campus from their homes on January 1 and vowed to continue doing so for the entire duration of the odd-even scheme.

For Amrendra Bharti and his several friends, on the JNU campus, cycling is a solution to avoid the congested ride in metros and buses. “It is difficult to travel in stuffed metros and buses once we are used to the comfort of private cars but then traffic jams and pollution are harmful outcomes of that comfort, so cycling is the best way out,” he said.

Red-flagging security concerns, Swati a student said, “Cycling is a better option is better than travelling in a jam-packed metro but how safe is carpooling? Since you are travelling with strangers in a carpool, there is always that fear lurking at the back of our minds.”
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