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Drumming up a success story

Drumming up a success story
25-year-old city drummer Srijan Mahajan has the potential to become one of the finest Indian drummers. His association with bands like Cyanide, Parikrama and Half Step Down has contributed a lot to his extraordinary career. Recently Srijan has opened a music production house in Delhi, StudioFuzz, for film scores and other commercial purposes. Millennium Post caught up with Srijan recently before his performance at Armageddon ‘12 at pub in the city. Excerpts:

As a drummer, whom do you idolise?

It has to be Gavin Harrison and Jojo Mayer.

When was the first time you played drums?

I started playing drums at the age of 16. I used to perform at school. Initially, I used to play keyboards for my school band, but our band never had a proper drummer. So I thought of learning it and gradually started performing as a drummer. That is how it all started.

Did you face any kind of opposition from your family when you decided to play drums professionally?

No, no, my family is not like that, instead they were extremely supportive when they learnt that I wanted to do something in the world of music.

Are you interested in playing any other instruments other than drums?

I started off with keyboards before I was a proper drummer, but I do have a keen interest in learning and playing bass guitar. But for the time, I am happy playing drums.

How does it feel to be so successful at such a young age?

Well, I don’t think that I am ‘so successful’ as yet. I think I still have a long way to travel to reach the destination called ‘successful’. I am very humble about my journey till now as a drummer and I feel very normal about it.

Two things you hate about yourself?

I have these small OCDs which I hate and sometimes the fact that I can’t get time off to go out for holidays makes me sad.

If not a drummer, what would Srijan Mahajan be?

If not a drummer I would definitely be a race car driver. I just love to drive.
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