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Drink up!

Drink up!

Ingredients Quantity

Fresh Cream 300 Ml
Milk 200 Ml
Sugar 50 Grams
Gelatin 3 Sheets
Rabri 100 Grams
Bhang 35 Grams

Soak the bang in ½ cup of water over night.

Make the Bhang paste to use in panna cotta. Soak the gelatin in iced water. Luke warm the cream and milk together with sugar add the gelatin in it now add the bhang paste mix it well until well combined let it infuse for couple of minutes than pour this mix in shot glasses refrigerate for 2 – 3 hours pour the thin layer of fresh Rabri equally over the panna cotta sprinkle few chopped almonds and pistachio on top before serve. Enjoy your Holi with this wonderful home made dessert.

Mango Mint Cooler

Blend mango juice (120 ML) with fresh mint leaves and crushed ice. Top up with lemonade

Coconut delight     
Blend 60 ML Fresh coconut water with coconut puree and crushed ice. Garnish with red cherry and serve frozen.

Vanilla symphony
Mix 300 ml Vanilla flavor cold milk with Roohafza and top up with whipped cream and chocolate flakes

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