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Drew Barrymore feels positive about the future

Drew Barrymore feels positive about the future
Actor Drew Barrymore says she has traded in her “loosey-goosey” attitude in favour of a more focused outlook on life.

The Blended star, who announced her split from husband Will Kopelman earlier this month, insists she has chnaged her attitude, reported People magazine.

When asked what makes her happy, she said: “Just strength. Now that I’m a mom, and I know that it harkens back to the girls, aside from that, it really is girl power. It is strength, clarity, conviction, health and focus.

“It’s funny, because there are times in my life that I am so loosey-goosey, so hedonistic, and it is so just ‘hippy-dippy,’ but right now I feel this great backbone is, ‘One foot in front of the other,’ which is sort of my attitude right now. That is anything but loosey-goosey - that if you don’t stay in a straight line, you are going to get into trouble.”
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