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Drama Queens

If anyone ever saved the drama queen tag for the ladies only, back track and ctrl c, ctrl v for the men as well. If anyone takes the drama cake (and gorges on it too) – it is Ayushmann and Kunal.

An official remake of the French film Apres Vous, Nautanki Saala hits the mark till, in what seems like a faux pas, Ayushmann mumbles the movie title and goes in full throttle to kiss Pooja Salvi (sorry for the spoiler) – Bleh! The title used like that spoils it for either way, the movie is replete with ample drama.

RP or Ram Parmar (Ayushmann) saves Mandar Lele (Kunal) from committing suicide and overnight turn into BFFs (Again, which man uses the term BFF?!?). Mandar is heartbroken and pines for his Nandini (Pooja Salvi) and RP – actor, director, star of his own show
– philanthropist par excellence, swears to unite the lovers. But all hell breaks loose when he falls in love with the wrong girl, gets dumped by his girl friend and eventually loses his BFF. Long story short.

Nautanki Saala is a movie that turns out to be very sorted. In terms of acting prowess, pace, storyline and even soundtracks. It is funny, witty and holds your attention till the last cliche. And yes, there are quite a few cliches. But Sippy has the film well within his grip and he's done great. The sleek show of Bluffmaster flows in.

The movie won't have you rolling off the seats with laughter but in my opinion it has the right amount of comedy and the male leads in the movie have impeccable comic timing. They encompass Nautanki Saala for me. The movie just leaves one wishing that there was more bromance time.

The women in the movie are damp squibs. Period. Evelyn Sharma is gorgeous and maybe she would have been a more just Nandini but Pooja Salvi can vaguely act and Evelyn probably cannot. We have to trust Sippy on that I suppose.

Over any other movie this week. This gets our thumbs up.
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