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Don’t shy away from rains

Don’t shy away from rains
By Ishleen Wadhwa

When the rains start falling after a spell of scorching heat, it does not only bring about joy and a sense of relief but also brings along with it a host of infections.  Among the breakouts in monsoon are fungal, viral and bactrial infections, boils, ringworm, rashes.

‘India is a tropical country and the air is a combination of heat and humidity. Monsoon is the best time for breeding of bacteria, fungus and virus,’ says Dr Rishi Parashar, Dermatologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital [SGRH].

‘The most common infection during monsoon is fungal infection and the golden rule is to keep dry and pick on loose cotton and linen clothes over synthetic ones’, says Dr Navin Taneja, Director, National Skin Centre.

‘Conjunctivitis along with other eye infections is very common in monsoon. You shouldn’t touch your face and eyes with dirty hands,’ adds Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, consultant dermatologist.

Since kids are most prone to such infections, extra care should be taken of them. The wet clothes should be immediately changed and their skin should be dried properly before they wear a fresh pair of clothes. ‘Wet hair can too cause scalp infection like Tineacapist [ringworm of scalp],’ added Dr Parashar.

Love walking about in the puddles? City doctors say it is best avoided as wet feet can cause fungal infections, boils and rashes. If wet then dry it immediately,  especially the space between toes with a soft and clean towel.

‘An anti-fungal powder should be used in case rash appears. People with diabetes should be more careful’, stressed Dr RS Mishra, dermatologist, SGRH.

‘Bathing twice a day and using a prickly heat powder can reduce the inflation of sweat glands,’ said Dr Taneja. However, if you are worried that monsoon has led to a rise in hairfall, forget it as that’s a myth,confirm doctors. So enjoy rains without any fear.
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