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Don’t react to teasers, don’t go out alone: police to girls

Don’t react to teasers, don’t go out alone: police to girls
After making various claims of having taken steps to provide better security to women in the capital, Delhi Police has now found innovative ways to ensure more restriction on the women. Posters have been placed outside educational institutes, reportedly by Delhi police, which  read ‘Dos and Don’ts for girls’.

The first rule is, ‘Do not stand at a bus stop which is situated in a dark, unlighted place’. Rekha Singh (name changed), a student of Lady Sri Ram college, said, ‘Instead of posting a PCR van near the bus stop, Delhi police is asking us to avoid bus stands in dark.’ ‘If we have no other option but to stand on that stand, what should we do in that case? Should we walk alone on the dark road? It’s better if they coordinate or direct the authorities concerned to provide streetlights,’ said a college student requesting anonymity.

‘Do not eat food served outside’, read the second advice in the big poster. ‘What the hell? Should we carry our lunch and dinner with ourselves all the time we roam around?’ Manisha, a student of Journalism asked.

The third advice read, ‘Do not react to a mischievous ( direct translation of shararati) person who is molesting you. Instead, inform the police’. ‘How can a well educated and a highly qualified person give such advice to girls. It seems that who so ever made this list doesn’t have women at home,’ added Manisha.

‘We have seen the way  Delhi Police works. After a girl registers a complaint, it takes years to find out the culprit. And  because of our justice system, culprits get punishment after a decade.’

Singh added, ‘If we do not react to the person who is molesting us, how will the police identify him? There are no CCTV cameras on the road. I personally find no logic behind this advice.’

Few other Dos and Don’ts are ‘Inform your parents before going out and meeting your girlfriends (saheliyan), Always roam around with a bunch of your girlfriends (saheliyan) and never alone, After school, straight away go home and nowhere else.

Girja Vayas, Congress leader and former chairperson of National Commission of Women, said, ‘By only advicing the girls won’t help the cops to remove crime from Delhi. Police also has to take certain actions.’

‘I don’t have any personal opinion regarding this matter. I don’t want to comment,’ said Sindhu Pillai, Deputy commissioner of police (north). Chhaya Sharma, deputy commissioner of police (south) also remained unavailable for comments.
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