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Don’t blindly follow trends

I share a great rapport with my teenage daughter. I am in my mid 30’s and in good shape. I am in love with the skirts that she shops, can I wear those as well?

For some age is just a number. But with time comes maturity about not following trends blindly. Mid-thigh length skirts in various avatars can be pretty flattering for your age. Depends on what you are teaming it with, you can look dignified and elegant.

I have a round face, and a boyish hair. What will be the perfect pair of shades for me?

Well, it’s always advisable to stay away from sunglass shapes that are different from the shape of your face. Slightly angular or squarish shapes will be best suited. But do try them well, before purchasing, as it needs to sit well on your face. If you want to experiment, then retro styles big shades
are ‘in’.

I just delivered. But will have to join office shortly, due to some urgent situation. However I am still not in shape. What kind of clothes are advisable for someone like me?

Since you didn’t mention the kind of office you work in, so it’s a bit difficult to suggest. But maxi dresses are an option. These days its one of fashion’s darlings. You can also try the wrap dress, which will make you look elegant. Don’t go for garments that are too loose, though slouchy is in.

Summers are almost here, do you think it’s fashionable to use an umbrella?

Umbrella, is one of those objects that instantly express the old world British charm, or you can also stick to the ones in Bollywood movies. Even designer’s are coming up with fashionable versions of this accessory, either size, or colour or prints, the choices are many.

Try experimenting with polka dotted umbrella’s, retro is in.

What are the factors, I should keep in mind, while buying a body suit? And in how many ways can I style them?

Bodysuits are pretty versatile these days, team it with trousers for a chic look, or with sarees for a modern edge, they can also be teamed with skirts for the girly feel. While using them as an outerwear, try looking in to the fact that it sits well in your body. If the garment doesn’t blend with your body or it else it will spoil the look completely.

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