Donations surge after Kejriwal’s appeal

Donations surge after Kejriwal’s appeal
Kejriwal’s public appeal had a visible impact if one were to go by the figures released by AAP, as donations crossed the one lakh barrier after nearly two months.

“The amount reached Rs 6,75,783 with 537 contributors responding to the appeal by evening,” a party functionary said.

Till Monday, the highest figure for this month stood at Rs 28,702 which was recorded on July 1. The month’s lowest was recorded on July 11 with a paltry donation amount of Rs 709.

The party received a total of Rs 4,22,772 in donations in the entire month of June with a corresponding average of Rs 14,092 daily.  It reached its nadir on June 17, when Rs 100 was donated to the party. 

The last time the donation figures crossed the one lakh mark was on May 19, when AAP received Rs 1,18,964. But the months of June and July have only seen a freefall.

“From where should we get funds to run the party. We do not accept money from the Ambanis or the Adanis or any industrial house. For running a party we need funds and we are requesting people to donate,” AAP leader Sanjay Singh said.

The Delhi Chief Minister on Tuesday urged people to chip in even if the amount was as low as Rs 10.
“Give us because even your Rs 10 would help us practise honest politics,” he had said.


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