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Domestic helps block train tracks demanding better service

The domestic helps, who have been coming to the city to work in households, blocked the rail tracks on Saturday demanding in time arrivals of local trains and better frequency.

Around 300 domestic helps sat on the rail track at Goucharan station, in Sealdah South division’s Lakshmikantapur line on Saturday morning caused a lot of harassment to the in and out bound passengers.

The Eastern Railway informed that the block took place at Goucharan station. As a result, some trains were delayed in that line. The rail service here is not up to the mark, the domestic helps alleged, citing two reasons for their blockade.

“Firstly, the trains sometime do not come in time. They do not even reach the station on time,” they alleged.

“We are poor working class. We needed to reach to the city in the early hours. But delayed train service is harming our work. Do we go free in the train? The authority should answer,” the domestic helps asked.

However, Chief Public Relation Officer (CPRO) of Eastern Railway, Rabi Mahapatra acknowledged that the blockade caused huge problems to the daily passengers.

“Yes there was a rail blockade in Sealdah South division. But we have earlier informed the passengers that some works would be undergoing in that line. The rail service could have been been disrupted in Friday night and Saturday. But despite our message, passengers blocked the rail,” the CPRO said.

However, another public relation department of the eastern Railway informed that the blockade took place at 6.17 am and was withdrawn at 8.02 am. No train was cancelled for the blockade.

It was a local problem so local public who reside alongside Gocharan station participated in it. It was duly called off.
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