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Doesn't matter how you read it!

Reading books is something I have been doing ever since I remember. I read all kind of books whatever I can lay my hands on, the historical ones, non-fiction, biographies or fantasy. But here is the catch, I read quite a few of them on my laptop or my e-reader.

Honestly, I can’t understand the whole debate between the people who read books online (or digitally) and those who don’t. I’d rather have a discussion on what one should be munching on while reading a good book. Dessert, potato chips with garlic cheese dip or maybe a hot bowl of soup will

Because it makes no difference, just like reading a book through whichever medium  you want! Books are to be enjoyed, to cry your heart out or to close it down with a good long sigh and a smile. As long as a book does that to you, does it really matter how you read it?   

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