Doctors share diabetes prevention tips ahead of World Health Day

Doctors share diabetes prevention tips ahead of World Health Day
Not the size of the plate and but the intake of calorie is most important to stay fit. Plus, a half an hour of exercise for five days a week is a must to check diabetes, said city based doctors on the eve of World Health Day that falls on Thursday. This year’s theme is diabetes.

According to a report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) around 10 crore people throughout the globe are suffering from diabetes. Of these, 90 per cent are suffering from type-2 diabetes. It is unfortunate that a large number of people who have diabetes are unaware of it and get to know about the disease at the last stage when their kidneys have been damaged.

WHO has already predicted that by 2025 India will be capital of diabetes with the highest number of juvenile people suffering from the disease. WHO report further states that 37 lakh people die of diabetes globally and of four people die of this disease, one is from India or south-east Asian countries. The report said that intake of high calorie food mixed with sugar and salt, reluctance to do exercise and obesity are the main causes.

To combat spread of the disease, state run and private hospitals along NGOs will conduct massive campaign throughout the city. Medical Bank, an NGO will launch a free diabetes detection camp outside Sovabazar Metro station from 10 am to 1 pm.

Dr Subhankar Chowdhury, well known endocrinologist said that the disease had been spreading alarmingly and even children were not spared. 

He urged parents not to give their children fast food and ensure that they play outdoor games at least for an hour a day. He said parents should request the schools to ensure that their wards take part in physical activities.

Dr Jyoti Deb, another well known cardiologist said exercise should be made compulsory in schools so that the habit becomes a part of the system. “Sedentary habits along with high calorie diet should be avoided and walking of going to gym for four days a week will help in fighting the disease.”
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