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Docs put victim back on ventilator

Docs put victim back on ventilator
The 23-year-old victim’s condition continues to be critical as she is now facing breathing problems as well. She is back on the life-support system. She will be kept on ventilator till Monday morning. Her blood pressure and pulse rate are normal and her vital parameters are stable.

Dr Sunil Jain said, ‘We are making constant efforts to reduce the infection, which is of more serious concern. On Sunday afternoon, we did ultrasound and CT scan which showed collection of infectious fluid in her abdomen. The doctors then carried out an emergency surgery that lasted for almost an hour and washed out the infected portions of  her abdomen with antibiotics and the fluid that had collected was flushed out. This, we are hoping, will reduce the infection that seem to have spread in her body.’

According to the doctors, though she is talking and trying to communicate since Saturday, her response has not been satisfactory since day one and she continues to be critical. Only a very marginal difference has been noticed in her platelets count. According to Dr Athani the victim’s platelet count has dropped from 41,000 in the morning to 19,000 in the evening  which is an indication of infection in her blood.   

According to the doctor, ‘She puked on Saturday night as well as on Sunday morning hence was taken to the operation theatre from the ICU around 2 pm.’

Dr Abhilasha Yadav, a psychiatrist at Safdarjung hospital, said, ‘She has been subjected to various tests today. Keeping in mind the spreading infection, she is on high dose of antibiotics.’

She further stated that the the victim is psychologically stable. Apparently, on Saturday, she started communicating through hand gestures and conveyed that she will fight back for justice. She even allegedly requested the police to make sure that the accused get the most cruel punishment anybody could ever expect of.  

Her statement will be considered in court. The questions were put on in an objective format and the victim tried her best to avail them with the maximum of details. She even remembers the names of the accused.

Doctors have started psychiatric analysis of her, six days after the attack. According to the sources, on Saturday she met her friend as doctors believe this might help her recover. He has already met her twice. Her brother said ‘She has even started communicating, but they are not talking anything about that day.’
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