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Do try this at home!

Emblematic of authentic Tuscan cuisine, Asparagus and Truffles, together present the richness of musky, earthy truffles put together with tender asparagus to create a delicious palate.

The freshest and the finest of truffles and asparagus varieties have been especially hand-picked by The Imperial’s San Gimignano chefs to enrich your taste buds with specialties like Asparagi Con Posciutto di Parma - Truffle infused Asparagus bunch wrapped in parma ham, pecorino and fresh herbs; Linguine and Asparagi, Forno Polo Arrosto Triturati Scaglie di Tartufo - linguine ,asparagus, oven roasted shredded chicken, truffle shaving, Lobster and Truffle soup; Lobster Confit, chives, asparagus, truffle, butter, parmesan froth and many more delectable dishes are all prepared to give you a delightful dining experience from February 15 – March 10. Book a table soon!
Here’s a one of the recipes from The Imperial’s kitchens.

RECIPE: Linguinie, Asparagi, Forno Pollo Arrosto Triturati, Scaclie di Tartufo

Linguine pasta            900gm
Extra virgin olive oil    200gm       
Butter                        300gm       
Parmesan cheese       300gm       
Roasted shredded chicken    600gm       
Spring onion                        200gm      
Truffle oil                              30gm
Asparagus                           500gm    
Basil leaves                           50gm     
Fresh truffle shavings             20gm     
Salt & pepper                        20gm       
Table olive oil (colavita)        200gm   
Table butter                         150gm   
Breads foccasia                    2000gm   
Balsamic vinegar                   150gm

Blanch the pasta in a pasta boiler till it gets al dente doneness.

In a pasta pan heat olive oil, add spring onion and cook till it gets translucent.

Add the asparagus, shredded chicken , truffle oil and cook for another 5 minutes.

Add the al dente pasta and toss it well.

Put some fresh basil leaves and deglaze with extra virgin olive oil in order to get the glossy texture.
Serve the pasta in a pre warmed dish and top with fresh truffle shavings and pramesan cheese.

Serve hot.

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