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‘Do not waste precious votes on the Oppn’

 MPost |  2016-04-10 22:28:29.0  |  Kandi (WB)

‘Do not waste precious votes on the Oppn’

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee on Saturday lashed out at Congress, CPI(M) and BJP and urged people to throw away the alliance and at one breath referring to Narendra Modi saying that even if she was jailed, she would win the poll from there.

She was addressing a political rally on Saturday afternoon.  Kandi was a Congress stronghold and Atish Chandra Sinha had been elected from the seat several times. After Adhir Chowdhury became the all powerful Congress leader, he picked up quarrels with Sinha and sidelined him. Since then this is Chowdhury’s fiefdom.

With this backdrop Banerjee began her campaign in the area. This is for the second time she is campaigning in Murshidabad. Political analysts said that TMC has fair chance of winning some seats in the districts taking advantage of the squabble between Congress and Left Front. Addressing the rally Banerjee urged the people to throw out Congress and CPIM.” They have not done anything and now they are criticising us. They are anti development and should be voted out.” The Trinamool chief said that the Congress was so shameless that they were holding the hands of CPI(M). “CPI(M) had killed 55,000 workers of the Opposition parties and now they are talking about democracy. They had looted votes and stopped people from exercising franchise for several years. People have seen them and will not vote for the murderers.“

She said the Congress and CPI(M) were holding each other’s hands just to survive. “But they will not survive and will be thrown out. Congress and CPI(M) are not telling the truth.” Criticising Narendra Modi she said he was coming to divide Bengal. “One after the other the funds of various projects has been withdrawn and now he was talking about the development of Bengal. “Even he was not speaking the truth and BJP had connived with Congress and CPI(M) as they do not want Bengal’s development.

She asked the voters to go to the polling stations early in the morning to exercise their franchise because of excessive heat. She urged the voters to cast votes for TMC candidates to keep the development projects going. “One should not blow his or her own trumpet but the development that had taken place in Murshidabad in the past four and a half years is remarkable and what we have done in this short span, Left Front could not do in 34 years. So do not waste your vote and cast in our favour,” she maintained. She also held rallies in Jalangi of Murshidabad and Karimpur in Nadia.

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