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DMRC’s shortage of change bound to cause problems for those buying Trade Fair tickets

The much-awaited India International Trade Fair is all set to open on Saturday for the general public but after the currency ban, it will bring more inconvenience to the public while buying tickets from the Metro station as Delhi Metro is already short of change money, sources claimed.

The sources in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said: “After the government’s guideline to accept the scrapped notes of denomination 500 and 1,000 at the Metro stations, almost 95 per cent of the public is paying only the banned currency. As a result, the DMRC is already short of cash of denomination 100 and 50.”

Another official requesting anonymity told Millennium Post that since Saturday, the tickets for trade fair will be available in all the Metro stations but it is expected that people will use the banned currency to buy the tickets that is Rs 50 for people above 12 years on weekdays and Rs 100 for people visiting on weekends or holidays.

“We have already given a special instruction to all the DMRC officials dealing in customers’ services to be calm and polite to them. Also, try to manage the cash from other counters or from the control room in case there is an emergency,” the official added.

Not only this, the rule of DMRC that says people cannot buy advance IITF tickets from the Metro station will also add to the inconvenience. “This is not the first time DMRC is providing current date tickets of IITF to the Metro passengers. Every year we follow this protocol and dates are mentioned on the tickets,” an official said.

People are already tensed that how will they buy stuff from trade fair as most of the shopkeepers will not accept the scrapped notes and the customers are already short of legal currency.


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