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DJB to engage with engineers to ensure no leakage, potable water

The Delhi government in order to prevent water leakage and contamination has decided to initiate ‘Walk the Line’ campaign. During which, 800 Junior Engineers will scope out entire Delhi’s water network for leakage and contamination along with their staff of about 3,500 members with 4-5 members per team.

Addressing a press conference, Delhi Water Minister and Jal Board (DJB) chairman Kapil Mishra on Thursday informed that in the campaign, each engineer will submit daily reports of broken pipelines, household contamination, valves and UGRs and suggest engineering solutions for each kilometer under his/her jurisdiction within 45 days.

“We have often noticed that the first thing we comment about when we go to a developed city is that people drink water directly from the tap. To achieve that, we need a water pipeline network that can provide water to each household but clean water that can be provided for consumption,” the minister added.

“DJB has received a mandate from Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to ensure constant water supply across the city of Delhi and provide potable drinking water to each household by December 2017,” Mishra said.

According to the minister, DJB have reached 268 colonies in 1.5 years and will lay 3,500 kilometre of pipeline onto the existing infrastructure of 14,000 kilometre of pipeline to reach every household by December 2017.

While the AAP government is already providing 20,000 litre of water free of cost to each 19.4 lakh household every month, the cent per cent waiver on late payment surcharge and slab-wise waiver on accumulated arrears may add more burden on the DJB.

“DJB will take a giant stride in providing clean drinking water with the successful implementation of the initiative combined with the massive infrastructure expansion across the city,” Mishra concluded.
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