DIY: Jewellery from scrap

DIY: Jewellery from scrap
Most popular among the younger generation, these have occupied several corners in marketplaces around national Capital. 

Although these little things sometimes cost a bomb, you can still add a touch of your creativity and create accessories that give your personality that extra edge. Sunita Bali, a student of Jeweller Design & Technology Department at International School of Design says, “Handmade jewellery is a replica of original jewellery with lower budget and style statement that adds to its own beauty and style.” All you need is paper, plastic, wire, a few beads and buttons. 

Paper jewellery/bracelet

Take a newspaper and put markings on the top on a distance of one inch from each other. On the bottom of the paper, draw points on a distance of half an inch so that each point falls between the points on the top. Next, join the point on the top and bottom so as to form a triangle. Cut each triangle and paint it alternatively with two different colours of your choice. After the paint dries, roll the paper from the wide end to the narrow. Secure the tip with glue. You can also paint it with a transparent nail polish to give it a finish. Similarly, make more beads and insert them one by one to an elastic band.

Satin ribbon pearl necklace

Take a ribbon and fold it into two halves. Tie a knot at the folded end.  Take one of the ends and tie a knot on it. Now insert a bead through one of the ends. Secure the bead with another knot. Add another bead and continue till the desired size is reached. Now hold both the ends together and make a knot.

Take another piece of ribbon and fold them into two halves. Connect both the ribbons on the either sides of the necklace.

M-seal earring

Take a small piece of m seal and roll it using a rolling pin. Put some talcum powder on the rolling powder to prevent M seal sticking onto the board. Using different sizes of bottle caps, press and cut a round shape from m seal. In the same way, repeat the procedure for other two sizes also. Now place the medium round shape on top of the big one and the smallest one on top of the medium one. Make design on each end. Make a hole on it and wait for it to harden. Similarly, make another copy of it. Next, run an aluminium wire through it. 

Safety pin bracelet

Take two to three packets of safety pin and different colours of beads. Now open the pin and insert each color of bead one by one and close the pin to secure the beads. Do it with all the pins. Insert an elastic wire through the eye of one pin first and then through the bottom hole of the next pin alternatively. Once you pass the wire through all the pins, take it out and insert through the other ends of the pins alternatively as you did in the first place. Finally, secure both the ends of the elastic and cut off the extra wire. 


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