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Diwali aftermath: Smog engulfs Millennium City

Thick layers of  smog caused in Delhi due presence of high levels of poisonous particulate matters in its air again emerged a day after Diwali. 

Situation, however, in its neighbouring city of Gurgaon fared no better.  Poor air quality and hazy conditions also prevailed in the cyber city of Gurgaon. 

The residents’ bodies and environmentalists of the city again emphasised on the poor air quality in the city and the grave threat it is causing to the citizens of the city.

Even as an effort was made by the resident bodies to lessen the use of firecrackers and thereby reduce the pollution levels, there was still a thick layer of smog that engulfed Gurgaon on Monday.

Based on various data from agencies, PM 2.5 hovered between 300-600 mgpcm. The standard limits of PM 2.5 levels should be at 60 mgpcm, beyond which, it proves to be unhealthy.

Excessive levels of PM2.5  can cause lung impairment and various respiratory disorders.

While the air quality in the city  on Monday may have been bad as compared to previous days, the air quality has been deteriorating in the city from October onwards.

According to the official data released by Haryana State Pollution  Control Board (HSPCB),  from October 8 to October 20, PM 2.5 levels in the city ranged between the unhealthy levels of 80-110.

Prominent city environmentalist Chetan Aggarwal said: “The poor air conditions in the city should now wake up the authorities who feel that the problem of poor air quality is only there in Delhi. There is only one air monitoring station which is presently functional in Gurgaon which should be increased.”
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