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‘Disillusioned’ Bedi tweets against movement

‘Disillusioned’ Bedi tweets against movement
India Against Corruption [IAC], which is still to name its political outfit, has lost another admirer in film personality Kabir Bedi, who was among the first to endorse their move. Bedi, who has been with the movement since its launch at Jantar Mantar in April 2011, even visiting the protest site, on Sunday repeatedly twitted against trivialising the power tariff issue.

His first tweet, after Arvind Kejriwal went around 'connecting' disconnected power connections, said, 'Disagree with Kejriwal's Delhi strike: I do not believe the price of electricity and water can be decided on the streets.' Thereafter he said, 'There's lots to protest in India. But protests need a well planned strategy for success, or they lead to disillusionment.' He followed it up saying, 'Kejriwal's Delhi strike bad 'cos I don't think he can win. And lots of people will get into trouble for not paying bills.'

He also said, 'Kejriwal's idealism is admirable. The rest of his agenda is far more important than prices being decided by popular vote.' Bedi on launch of political party on 2 October had said, 'Congrats to Arvind Kejriwal & his new party! Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. New forces are game changers.'
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