Discussing Benegal's recommendations on CBFC actively: Vani

Discussing Benegals recommendations on CBFC actively: Vani
Vani says some of the recommendations by the veteran filmmaker will require making changes in the Cinematograph Act.

"There is a lot of thinking which is happening and the recommendations have been discussed thread-bare. I think some of the committee recommendations will probably require the amendment of the Cinematograph Act 1952," Vani told PTI.

"The Shyam Benegal committee recommendations, as the I&B minister M Venkaiah Naidu said in the opening ceremony, are being looked at. We are very focused and poised to look at it very seriously. A lot of thinking is already happening at that front," she added.

Pahlaj Nihalani-led CBFC has been mired in controversies for cuts issued in films with filmmakers demanding changes in the way films are certified.

The "Chalte Chalte" actress feels the new recommendations are progressive.

"The recommendations are very progressive. The change in ratings and the betterment in ratings will itself clear the confusion. Presently, the CBFC is bowed down by the cinematograph act.

"The amendment to the act itself will create a better situation, for the guidelines to change and the filmmakers to feel more happy about it." 

She was speaking at the 47th edition of International Film Festival of India (IFFI).Indian films no longer need a censor certificate to be showcased in the Indian Panorama section this year.

Vani, who is also part of the steering committee of the festival, says this will help clear the roadblock.

"We are at the fag end of the year, so a film which is certified in November and December and probably getting a release in 6 months will get old by the time. Just because they don't have a certificate doesn't mean that they can't showcase their films.

"Across the world there are uncensored films playing at festivals, we are also following suit," Vani said while speaking at a panel on 'Changing Discourse around Women and Commerce in Cinema'.

Citing an example of "Pink", Vani feels it is about time men in the industry start believing in women and give them films which are powerful.

"Women don't have to stand up for women, it's the men who have to believe in women. When you look at 'Pink', be it Aniruddha Roy or Shoojit Sircar, you look at two men who decided to make a film like that.

"There was no item number, they didn't try to sell the film commercially. It was all about the subject.


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