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Discover, dream, dance!

Discover, dream, dance!
Dance is the hidden language of the soul. And if one dances with one’s heart and soul, they make others dance too. This is exactly what one feels on coming (or rather dancing) out of the Kamani after a performance by the students of Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra. They present the mythological characters of Meera, Shree Durga, Karna, and Kumar Sambhava.  
All the dance lovers who think they would not be able to understand the classical form of dance presented by the team, hold on. The performance is in the form of a dance drama and the choreographer- Shashidharan Nair has done a great work keeping in mind the various people coming in from different strands of life.
The Festival of Ballet, though addresses four different mythological characters, they have something very much in common. That’s what the idea is, according to the director of Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, Shobha Deepak Singh - you, me, each one of us can relate to them. And here’s how. Meera, the greatest saint poetess of our country was the one who fought all the patriarchal domination and the feudal order put on her. ‘Each woman is Meera. We seek space in a male dominated society,’ says Shobha. Meera symbolizes womanhood. Her poetry is soaked in the blood of the footprints of incidents that she had to endure as a woman. She left behind all the luxuries and broke away from all the barriers of tradition and custom.
Shree Durga is the epitome of depiction of the stree shakti or the feminine power. The tale of Durga slaying Mahishasur has been depicted in this dance drama as not the tale of victory of the good over evil as we have been seeing it, but as the victory of ‘helpless’ womanhood over a strong demon. The female is depicted as God herself and not as a part of the man, as some want to believe it. Molina Singh and Shivam need a special mention in putting the act together as Kali and Mahishasur. Their passion and vigour left the audience in awe.
Karna as we know it, has always been denied his rightful place. This dance drama is dedicated to the Karnas today. It is a salute to the people who have followed the path of righteousness and Dharma. Lord Krishna himself says that even in death the victory has been Karna’s.
And as for Kumar Sambhava, you would want to witness it yourself on Saturday.
Though you won’t be able to dance with your feet in the auditorium, you may want to give your heart a chance!
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