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Disciples’ and the Guru

Disciples’ and the Guru
Samyukta, a special duet by two senior disciples of (Padmashri) Geeta Chandran : Sharanya Chandran and R. Amritha Shruti Radhakrishnan, have conceptualised a tribute in dance to their teacher Geeta Chandran’s  40 Years of Dance. The event marking 40 Years of the spectacular dancing career of Geeta Chandran will be held on 19 November Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, in the capital.

Samyukta literally means 'united' or 'together';  and in the performance they have conceptualised and choreographed, both dancers explore the concept of Samyukta through a unique, eclectic approach – keeping the Bharatanatyam Nritta or grammar as the base, and building on it to explore new movements through a reactive approach - in an attempt to create beauty and an original notion of symmetry, by reacting to the rhythm and music. This performance sees them exploring the build-up of movement vis-a vis music and space – reaching a high point, which is immediately followed by quieter/ more introspective movements, which again work their way up before they begin to explore the quiet yet again.

Daughter and disciple of Chandran, Sharanya has been learning Bharatanatyam since age four, both from her mother and Guru K N Dakshinamurthi. She presented her formal solo debut performance, the Arangetram, in New Delhi in November 2001, at age 13. It is her endeavour and passion to learn, invent and conceptualise new additions to the classical dance repertoire. Sharanya is also a development and policy expert.

Amritha has been learning dance since over 16 years, having presented her formal solo performance, the Arangetram, in New Delhi in December 2010. She received the Scholarship for Young Artists by the Minister Of Culture, in 2013. A member of the Natyavriksha Dance Company, Amritha has extensively traveled, both in India and abroad accompanying her Guru for several SPIC MACAY lecture - demonstrations at various splaces.

In her 40th year, Geeta Chandran  carries out yet again her most eloquent and powerful role as custodian and role model for younger aspirants, and with her disciples, establishes the completion of an evolving circle.

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