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Dilip Ghosh’s ‘shameless’ remark on JU girls attracts criticism

 MPost |  2016-05-15 01:07:52.0  |  Kolkata

Dilip Ghosh’s ‘shameless’ remark on JU girls attracts criticism

Ghosh on Saturday said the girls of JU were shameless and alleged that they had made false allegations that they had been abused during the trouble that broke out between SFI and ABVP students over screening of the film Buddha in a Traffic jam. “Attitude of the girl students is wrong and they make false allegations that they were being abused. They are shameless. They should fight it politically instead of trying to encash sentiments,” he said.

The comment has earned criticism from all walks of life. Film director Tarun Majumdar said “Such a statement by a senior political leader is uncalled for.” Saswati Ghosh, social worker dealing with women issues said: “The statement reflects the mental make-up of the leader. Who has given him the right to talk on morality? Such statements should be condemned by all,” she said.

Gitashree Sarkar a JU students said “Such a statement by a veteran leader is unfortunate and uncalled for. He has lowered the prestige of all women,” she maintained.

Swapan Banerjee, a senior bank officer said: “The political party he belongs to should take action against him for lowering the prestige of women. I have a girl who attends a university and I cannot think that she should make a fake allegation about being abused.”

When contacted other senior state BJP leaders refused to comment on the issue.” It is Ghosh’s observation and we have nothing to say in the matter,” they said.

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