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Digha to become Wi-Fi enabled zone from Dec 21

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Digha to become Wi-Fi enabled zone from Dec 21

The state government has planned to make Digha a Wi-Fi enabled zone. On December 21, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will be in Digha to inaugurate the Wi-Fi. The facility will be started on an experimental basis.

With Digha turning up to a Wi-Fi enabled zone, tourists will now be able to surf internet while sitting on the sea shore. 

Park Street was the first place in the state to become a Wi-Fi enabled zone. The idea was mooted by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

People, who visited the tourist spot earlier, had complained of poor internet connection in Digha, the most popular sea side tourist spot in the state. But with the place turning up to a Wi-Fi enabled zone, people can also enjoy surfing their favourite social site while taking a walk on the beach. Both the old and new Digha will be Wi-Fi enabled. There is also a problem of communication in the districts. The facility will help the tourists both domestic and abroad when they are distressed. 

Local residents and traders are also happy with the state government’s move. Local residents will also enjoy the facility of Wi-Fi. The local traders believe that more foreign tourists will also start visiting Digha if such facilities become available. 

The state government also has plans to turn many such tourist spots to Wi-Fi enabled zone.  It will help to increase the number of tourists in the state.



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