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Different moods on canvas

Different  moods on canvas
The Capital is hosting a group art show titled Simmer Show that displays paintings which are an amalgamation of abstract and easy to understand figurative themes. The show that kick started on 21 June displays works by artists - Pramod Ganpate, Krishnandu Porel, Kishore Roy, Madan Lal, Manoj aggarwal, Praveen Upadhye, Ashoke Acharyya and  Thitaikar Biswas.

The artists use architecture, especially the ornate type,found in  Indian religious sites, temples and historical monuments as their principal subject. The usage of bright and beautiful colours not only gives an energetic touch to the work but at the same time is humble, pure and surreal. Aggarwal is a chronicler of society, who simply reproduces the body from the life, never really trying to cast it as a machine for survival. His subjects are human emblems of bare realities rather than any idealist’s imagination. The works that he’s exhibiting are a continuation of striking monochromatic drawings, and large oil on canvas paintings. The drawings have a specific rhythm, lyric and body language captured with great virtuosity, the high contrast arresting to the eye. The artist says, ‘I prefer my art works to stay close to reality and lay maximum impact on viewers mind from its first sight. What matters is how people interpret them’.

Porel employs a subtle interplay between light and darkness, dull and bright colours, to capture each mood he feels from the environment he is painting, and transfer it adeptly to his canvases. Even though the colours Porel uses are often gloomy and quiet greys and browns, there always seems to be a serene and calming light in the painting that strikes up a contrast and leaves viewers at peace. He says, ‘Every artist is an individual and has his own distinct form of expression which is what my paintings are all about’.

Acharye noted, ‘For me abstraction holds a wide range to express oneself in true manner, for the artist as well as for the art lover’.

When: On till 11 July
Where: Gallery Pioneer, Lado sarai, MB Road
TIMING: 11 am till 7 pm

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