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Did Delhi Police protect masterminds of Arun Jaitley CDR case?

Why his Call Detail Record (CDR) is of so much interest to the Delhi Police is a question that has flummoxed Arun Jaitley till date. When he took to blogging on Wednesday, it was foremost on the mind of the leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Jaitley wrote that attempts to unearth his CDR might be ‘an outsourced operation to a government agency or a private rogue execution’.

Jaitley also demanded to know whether the Delhi police itself was involved in protecting the ‘masterminds’ behind the incidents, since, according to the BJP leader, the police chargesheet has confirmed their implication in the systematic operation targeting him.

When Millennium Post managed to go through the chargesheet filed by the Delhi police Special Cell with reference to Arun Jaitley’s CDR case, it found out that apart from the request made by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) New Delhi, whose official email account was used to access the BJP leader’s CDR in January 2013, there were three more instances in the past, wherein three different ACPs tried to access Jaitley’s phone details. This included ACP/Vasant Vihar and ACP/Operations/ South District, who requested for the CDR details during November 2012, as well as ACP/Crime Branch, who made the same requests in December 2012.      

Our source in the Special Cell also divulged that when they interrogated the three ACPs, apart from ACP New Delhi, ACPs Ops/South District and SIT/Crime Branch, they claimed that they wanted the CDR to figure out the alleged role of Hardeep Chadha’s role in the Ponty Chadha twin murder case.

‘However, when ACP/Vasant Vihar was quizzed, he said Head Constable Giriraj was investigating a case regarding ‘Indian Currency Notes’, which is why he demanded the CDR,’ the source, quoting the ACP, revealed on conditions of anonymity.     

In addition to the phone details taken out by the Delhi police, the alleged main accused in the case, Anurag Singh (37), a private detective, who was also arrested in 2005 regarding former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh’s phone-tapping scandal, was involved in taking out the CDR of several senior BJP leaders, including Jaitley, and former BJP president Nitin Gadkari. Singh, supposedly, extracted the CDRs at the request of one Jameel Iliyasi, Head Imam of All India Organisation of Imam of Mosques, New Delhi, revealed our source in the Special Cell.

Moreover, Arvind Dabas, 35), constable in Special Staff, New Delhi, who allegedly accessed the email account and password of ACP/New Delhi, in his statement said that he met one Vijay Singh, a BJP leader, in Dehradun, who provided Dabas with a diary containing phone numbers of several BJP leaders. Singh also provided five numbers belonging to Jaitley, including his landline number, all of which have now been linked to the CDR case.

Millennium Post has also learnt after going through the chargesheet that ACP/Sub-Division/Chanakyapuri had authorised an inspector of special staff, New Delhi, to access the official email of ACP New Delhi on his behalf. Also, the fact that Delhi police has failed to establish the particulars of 22 out of the total 52 CDRs points a finger towards its plausible complicity.
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