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Did a former CBI director collect money through scam-tainted meat seller?

Did a former CBI director collect money through scam-tainted meat seller?
A recent income tax raid and some seized documents have exposed the nefarious activities of a meat export firm, AMQ Agro India owned by Moin Qureshi, who has disproportionate assets worth hundreds of crores apart from his known and declared income.

Income Tax officials are clear on what makes this case stand out from other raids on illegal business firms. ‘We are suspecting that the businessman might be holding assets on behalf of other people including a very powerful government official. The Income Tax authority has seized Rs 6 crore worth of cash and sealed a number of lockers which are yet to be opened. These lockers could open the Pandora’s box in the Indian political system,’ says a source in IT.

Even though IT sleuths are tight lipped on the identity of those powerful people, Millennium Post has learnt that these government officials include a former CBI director. The IT officials, on the basis of the ceased documents and suspicion, would be calling for interrogation that former CBI director soon. But when that would happen nobody is ready to say. The raids that began last Saturday were carried out by 50 IT officials at about 15 locations in Delhi, Gurgaon and parts of Uttar Pradesh.

Qureshi’s office in Defence Colony, residence and offices of his trusted employees and associates were searched. IT returns of last seven years by Qureshi are being scrutinised. His farmhouse in Chhattarpur is under scrutiny. But what the investigators are looking at in minute detail is the exporter’s foreign bank accounts and properties in Dubai. What is interesting is that the turnover of Qureshi’s company in the last two years is approximately Rs 167 crore but his wealth in the last few years is several times over his company’s total turnover in the last seven years.

 The seized documents indicate Moin Qureshi was working as a middleman on behalf of a former CBI director and in many sensitive cases many accused have paid a lot of bribe which were traced mostly to Dubai bank accounts. In one of the cases involving a powerful businessman, an arrest warrant was issued but finally withdrawn in Hyderabad after a ransom of nearly Rs 30 crore was received. The seized documents also throw light on his association with one of the most powerful political secretaries in town. But since this case is personally being monitored by Finance Minister, P Chidambaram, nobody is talking. The future line of investigation is already under a cloud.
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