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Dictating the rain god! Really?

Our country has large number of self-proclaimed godman as people of our country can afford them due to their conviction, blind faith and sense of fear. Most of them are controversial and are known for their misdeeds. They claim to possess supernatural powers but never use these powers for the welfare of people. Rather, they fool ordinary people and make lots of money in the process.

One out of pack of so-called godmen is Asumal Sirumalani, popularly known as Asaram Bapu, the second incarnated bapu in the state of Guajrat. Both these ‘bapus’ share nothing in common except having their ashram in Sabarmati, Ahmadabad.
Bapu apart from his normal modus operandi has been amassing wealth whereas the earlier bapu had no affection with money.

Further Asaram has groomed his son Narain Sai to attain spiritual status as Narain Prem Sia whereas the earlier bapu never wanted to groom his sons to become a politician.

Asaram learnt his so-called spiritualism in an ashram at Vrindavan under the guidance of his guru Lilashah. One wonders, what was taught to bapu and what is he actually practising! The bapu, it seems, has definitely lost track. Hence he is always seen entangled in one after another controversies.

Facing flak from all quarters including politicians on wasting gallons of water by spraying on his disciples during holi celebrations at many places, the bapu apparently claims that he can invoke rains to come at any time.

It seems as if the rain god is at his disposal and has been awaiting his orders. Bapu wasted water on Holi gatherings at Thane, Nagpur and Mumbai and at various places in Gujarat without caring for the worst drought in Marathwada where people remained thirsty for weeks together and agricultural land turned extremely parched.

Bapu, with a crown on his head and a pichkari in hand, has been playing Holi like it used to be played during the period of Lord Krishna.

In case the bapu is in a position to dictate the rain god, he must ensure heavy rains in Marathwada and other drought affected parts across the country. This would probably make him more acceptable amongst  masses.

Apart from this his lavish style of delivering sermons in huge, well-decorated and expensive pandals is also not being liked by most of people other than his devotees. His disciples have also been involved in publicising charismatic values of bapu to expand his base of followers. Bapu survived in a chopper crash along with four other persons in August 2012. This spread like fire among his devotees, stating that whosoever would remain on Bapu’s side would get rid of the fear of death.

Bapu has a habit of hitting every ball without assessing its fall out. His comments on the gang rape incident in Delhi brought him a lot of discredits. He described the victim equally responsible. He went on to say that the victim could have saved herself by addressing the perpetrators as her brothers.

Bapu also held convent education responsible for the fast degeneration of moral values in society. He claims that the  schools are causing a fast decline of moral values among youth. The kind of remarks Bapu has been making make clear that he has a knack for getting into controversies. It is yet to be evaluated that what sort of moral values are being imparted in his satsangs apart from exhorting on worshipping him in true sense?

It is learnt that the bapu has been facing number of charges for encroachment of land. He possesses an illegal land in Navsari district in Gujarat.

It is also learnt that he was allowed to make use of 10 acres of land for a
in 2000 though he took control of nearby six acre and is still holding an entire land as encroachment.

In addition to this, in 2001, bapu was given the permission to use Mangalaya Temple in Ratlam for his religious congregation for just 11 days. The bapu is in possession of 100 acres of land of temple trust. The present value  of which counts to Rs 700 crores. The devotees talk of tantric powers of Bapu, the powers that have never stood correct on scientific parameters.

Bapu has also been projecting his philanthropic image by distributing ayurvedic medicines for all type of ailments like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, felling hair, tooth aches and what not.

Just in case it’s correct than we have to believe upto some extent that bapu does possess certain extra ordinary qualities to benefit humanity at large.

Satpal is a communication consultant
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