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Devadasi system: MHA asks states to act tough

Surprised by findings that the ancient Devadasi system continues to exist in some parts of the country, the Home Ministry has asked all states to take strong action against those involved in the heinous practice which is against dignity of women.

In a letter to all states and Union territories, the Home Ministry has said Devadasi system is inhuman and one of the most heinous practices against women degrading them to the lowest level. It directed that the laws against it be implemented “in letter and spirit” and steps taken to ensure that the victims are rehabilitated.

The Ministry said it has come to notice through various PILs and media news that Devadasi system still exists in certain parts of the country, especially in “Beriya” and “Nat” communities in the name of religious practices.

“Even though it was abolished long back through various legislations by different state governments but reports reveal that the Devadasi system still persists.

“Such practices are absolutely inhuman and against the dignity of women and therefore the Devadasi system needs to be abolished both in letter and spirit,” the letter said. 
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