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Dev roped in as ‘face’ of Kolkata marathon

 MPost |  2015-10-17 01:04:44.0  |  Kolkata

Dev roped in as ‘face’ of Kolkata marathon

Bengali cinema's heartthrob-turned-member of <g data-gr-id="14">arliament</g> Dev will be the ‘Face of the Event’ for the second edition of the Tata Steel Kolkata (TSK) 25K, the organisers said on Thursday.

At a promotional event here, Dev was handed a race day T-shirt for the run, which is scheduled for December 20.

Speaking about his association, Dev said: “India has become a country that is making its mark in the <g data-gr-id="12">running-world</g>, and I am glad that Kolkata has its own unique race.”

India's highest prize money race at Rs 22,80,000, the event will see participation from some of India's finest professional athletes, serious runners, health and fitness enthusiasts during the event.

Race categories include the 25 km (Elite and Amateurs), Open 10 km Run (Amateurs), Ananda Run (5km approx.), Senior Citizens' Run (4km), and Champions with Disability (4km), giving an equal opportunity to all individuals to participate, encouraging an active sporting lifestyle.

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