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Deutsche Bank co-CEO lied in court case, faces charge

Prosecutors in Germany have brought charges against Deutsche Bank co-CEO Juergen Fitschen and two former CEOs in connection with what prosecutors say were false statements in a court case. The Munich prosecutor's office said Fitschen, Rolf Breuer and Josef Ackermann were charged with attempted serious fraud over statements during a lawsuit brought by media mogul Leo Kirch.

Kirch accused then-CEO Breuer of contributing to the 2002 bankruptcy of his company by saying in a media interview that banks would not lend it any more money. Kirch died in 2011. Deutsche Bank settled with Kirch's estate in February by agreeing to pay $997 million.

During testimony, prosecutors said that Breuer made false statements aimed at avoiding monetary damages. After the court challenged the truthfulness of Breuer's testimony, prosecutors said that the bank made a written submission containing a false statement aimed at supporting Breuer's account.
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