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‘Destiny decides our life course’

‘Destiny decides our life course’

I’m married for 4 years and my husband is always busy travelling! I have an eight month old son and I’m beginning to feel very alone and depressed. What can I do? Please advice.
Divya, Agra
Divya dear, I’m sure it’s work that keeps him away from the family. Have you tried travelling with him? Have these long absence started off late? Have you spoken your heart out to your partner? Why are you getting so affected? With the little one around, there is a whole new world in front you. I sincerely request you to focus on this wonderful phase of life – motherhood. Concentrate on this great time and enjoy to the fullest. If your depression continues, seek professional help. Some bit of yoga, meditation or mood boosters will surely do good. Good luck and trust me; everything is and will be fine!

I am single. 2 years back I had a relation with a man who is married. He made false promises and in some months, I knew his actual self. After the break up, I can’t focus on any man or relation. I can’t trust anyone it seems. How can I be normal again?                                                                                                          
Seema, New Delhi
Most of us go through wrong relations and make incorrect decisions. Lucky are those who win and continue to be in love with one individual forever. So don’t get so bothered with the past chapter. I know it’s difficult but please make an honest attempt to let go of the bad memories. Be open and meet new people. Don’t make plans, just flow. Destiny is what decides our course and I’m absolutely confident that for the best to happen, we all have to face the worse or worst. Good luck, Seema!
My friends had come to my house and left some pornography movies behind. My sister who is 5 years younger bumped into them and is blackmailing me! She is threatening to inform my father. I’m very very scared. I feel like running away. I’m a decent guy in 1st year of Engineering. Please help!
Name not given, Noida
Hey! Just take her out for an ice cream, movie and chat up. Explain to her that there is literally no evidence to prove the ownership of the movies. Any act of blackmailing from her side might provoke you to complain against her and pass the blame on her completely! Explain to her the value of the divine relationship of a brother and sister. There is never a substitute to truth and the temporary dark cloud will surely pass. Don’t worry. Be cool and face this. It’s sure to fade soon.

I lost my job beginning of this year. Since then I haven’t been employed. This has crushed my self confidence and I feel very down. How do I cope with this? I’m 23 years old.                                                                                                
Tejas, Delhi
At 23, if you look around, you will see so many people who are yet to begin their employment career! This is no age to feel so worried. Sit down with a piece of paper and jot down your strengths, what you like to do. Then make a proper bio-data (seek help, if needed) and apply everywhere. In the mean time, you can always teach in some tuition classes or learn some language or anything that might add value to your life. Don’t lose confidence and always mix with positive people. All the best!

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