Desperate Oppn spreading canards, rumours to halt TMC’s momentum

Desperate Oppn spreading canards, rumours to halt TMC’s momentum
With the day of election results drawing near, alongwith the realisation that their alliance will not come to power, the Opposition and some media groupsm who also run television channels, have intensified their techniques to scare people and senior government and police officers.

To justify their credibility, they have said that such predictions have been made by BBC or VOA and at some other times by CNN. But in reality none of them has made any predictions as of yet.

The groups with vested interest along with the Opposition are using social media to confuse people. In WhatsApp and Facebook they have given district wise predictions. The seats won by TMC are varying at anything between 121 and 136, far less than the magic figure.

The situation has taken such alarming turn that not only common public but large numbers of bureaucrats and police officers are utterly confused as to what the result will be. It was reliably learnt that reporters of those vested groups were visiting senior officers and advised them not to side with Mamata Banerjee as she would not come to power.

As a matter of fact mud-slinging, spreading canards and rumours by the Opposition have surpassed all precedents and these began much before the election started in a very calculated manner.
Leaders of the alliance realised that they would not get over 40 seats had they fought alone so instructions were given to the rank and file that they should tell people that alliance would come to power and Mamata was losing in Bhowanipore.

The reason behind this is 17 per cent votes which BJP got in 2014 Lok Sabha poll. The larders thought that BJP would not be able to retain this poll percentage and it would come down by 8 per cent. There were 3 per cent floating voters and the whole game is to reel in these people.

Political analysts feel that the election of 2016 is very close to the election held in 1982 by CPI(M). Of course, no alliance was there with Congress.

After coming to power, the Left Front had carried out series of reforms including operation barga which gave security to the share croppers. The Panchayeti Raj gave social and political rights to the rural populace.

Similarly in 2016, Rs 2 a kilo rice, Sabuj sathi, road connectivity, drinking water and supply of power to rural households were likely to earn the blessings of rural people.

The experts said that some had pointed out that Narada sting operation alleging involvement of TMC senior leaders in accepting money would not have major impact in the election.

In 1982, just three weeks before the Assembly election, on April 30, 17 Anandamargis were burnt alive on Bijon Setu.

But despite this, the Left Front came to power with overwhelming majority and the incident failed to make any dent in rural population. They maintained that brushing aside the rumours, TMC would come to power with a comfortable margin.

It may be mentioned that the CPI(M) had allegedly started circulating fake exit poll results in the social media on May 4 in order to hoodwink common people.

Despite of the imposition of some restrictions on the exit poll by the Election Commission of India, various social media are flooded with the exit polls showing that the alliance between the CPI(M) and Congress may get more seats than Trinamool Congress.

Interestingly, in most of the cases it has been observed that the exit polls that are doing rounds in the social media in the state bears the names of some well known agencies/media houses.

As per the Election Commission of India (ECI) no media houses or agencies can publish exit polls till 6.30 pm on May 16.
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