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‘Desire for attention drive both women, men’

Model-actor Emily Ratajkowski says desire to get noticed is equal in both men and women, but the latter face criticism and gets scrutinized for it. In her essay for Glamour magazine’s October 2016 issue, the Gone Girl actor said the society does not question actions of men, but if a woman decides to give her opinion she is judged. “It’s absurd to think that desire for attention doesn’t drive both women and men. 

“Why are women scrutinized for it more, then? And if a woman dresses up because she does want attention, male or otherwise, does that make her guilty of something? Or less “serious”? 

“Our society doesn’t question men’s motivations for taking their shirt off, or shaving, or talking about politics nor should it. Wanting attention is genderless. It’s human,” Ratajkowski wrote.

The 25-year-old actor gave reference of the pop culture where if Mick Jagger’s shirt is open its a part of the act and if Madonna does it she is acting desperate.

“Look at pop culture: Mick Jagger is 73, and he still sometimes wears his shirt open and gyrates onstage. We understand that this is a part of his performance and artistic brand. Meanwhile, when Madonna, who is 58 and a revolutionary in that same kind of artistic sexuality, wears a sheer dress to the Met Gala, critics call her “a hot mess” who is “desperate.” 

“But isn’t she just making one of her signature political statements about female sexuality (and, incidentally, about our ageist, sexist culture too)? In any case, they are both performers who undoubtedly like attention. So why does Madonna get flak for it while Jagger is celebrated?” she continued.



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