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Deshapriya Park to build biggest Asura this year

The transition from the biggest Durga idol to biggest Asura, was quite similar for the organisers of Deshapriya Park Puja committee. The famous and traditional Puja organiser of South Kolkata had etched its name in many record books last year to create biggest Durga idol in the world amidst some controversies.

But this year, with the festival barely 50 days away, the organiser is all set to present the biggest Asura Kolkata has ever seen while abiding to the necessary legal and civic issues.

Last year, the administration had to restrain people entering the park to visit an 88-foot Durga.

The mad rush of crowd faced a death trap inside the ground as visitors could have been caught in a stampede stamped if police wasn’t there to stop them from entering there.

This year, with much more prudent preparation, the organisers are ready with the biggest Asura.
“We will create a 40-feet structure of Asura, a first of its kind in the state. Earlier, we had created the biggest Durga and achieved fame. Now this year, the Asura idol will be most attractive sight during the Durga Puja,” said Sudipto Kumar, general secretary of Puja committee.

But the biggest Asura will not be the only attraction of this year’s Durga puja of Deshapriyo Park. 

“Light work will be astonishing this year. The structure of the Asura will be featured via dazzling lights,” Kumar said adding that a there are some more attractions, which would be kept secret from visitors.

The Kolkata Police, however, had stopped the entry of people inside Deshapriya Park last year to witness the tallest Durga idol citing security and safety reasons.

Blaming that the Puja organisers have failed to put up a proper infrastructure to host an event, which attracted media hype, the city Police Commissioner Surajit Kar Purkayastha had expressed his displeasure against organisers.

Kolkata police then stated that the organisers had failed to put up a proper infrastructure there. They had not planned it properly and because of the hype created with the height of the idol, huge numbers of visitors were coming to the venue resulting to an uncontrollable situation. But this year, the organisers had already sat with police and made necessary plans.

“There will be 20 closed-circuit television cameras and special force of Kolkata police to curb any untoward incidents,” the general secretary added.
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