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Deportation or punishment?

Days after the Ministry of Home Affairs advised all states to deport any foreigner involved in prostitution if the woman happens to be a victim of human trafficking rather than prosecuting her in a court of law, investigating departments debate among themsleves about its possible misuse.

On 20 May, home ministry has issued the advisory, which clarifies that if investigations reveal that the woman or the child is a victim, then she should not be prosecuted under the Foreigners Act and instead steps should be initiated to repatriate her to the native country.

After this advisory, the Delhi police officers are debating among themselves whether it could give a person with unscrupulous intentions a chance to misuse this action.

They have given the right to deport the accused. It will be easy for the accused to prove themselves as the victim of human trafficking. If a girl is caught for prostitution, she could easily bribe the cops to prove herself to be the victim of human trafficking.

Ajay Raj Sharma, former Delhi commissioner of police, said, ‘assumption cannot be made that this advisory would turn into police corruption. Definitely when the girls who were found guilty are deported our embassy will contact her respective embassy reporting the reason of her deportation. She cannot come back to India again.’

‘On the other hand, the advisory allows for immediate action for the girls who are victims of human trafficking. As the prosecution takes long time, deporting them could be the best option,’ added Arun Bhagat, former police commissioner. 
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