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Dengue sting: 430 cases recorded last week

Nearly 430 dengue cases have been reported in Delhi in the last one week as the sting of Aedes Aegypti mosquito, responsible for the spread of dengue, is increasing by the day. The total number of cases has risen to 1,260 till the month of September. While the tall claims of the Municipal Corporations on carrying out preventive measures have gone down the gutters, cases of vector-borne diseases are expected to go up in the coming days and are likely to break previous records.

According to the latest data released by all the three Municipal Corporations, a total of 1,160 cases of dengue are reported from Delhi while 99 cases have been registered from other states. The data has revealed that 511 cases are from North MCD areas, 349 cases from SDMC areas and 114 cases are from EDMC areas. It was also stated in the report that a total of 32 cases of malaria have been registered so far in this year. 

Around 1,512 cases were registered in 2010 till the month of September with eight deaths, the highest till now. As many as 255 cases were recorded in 2013 followed by 104 cases in 2011. Last year, 33 cases of dengue were reported in September with three deaths.

It has also been found that a total of over 1,62,509 households <g data-gr-id="24">are</g> breeding grounds of mosquitoes. The Municipal Corporations of Delhi (MCDs) have issued over 1,24,036 legal notices for <g data-gr-id="20">mosquitogenic</g> conditions in the premises of offices or households. 

“The reason behind the steep rise is a conducive climatic condition for the growth of larvae. The MCD has kept a check and <g data-gr-id="23">have</g> <g data-gr-id="22">challaned</g> offices, public places and houses found positive for mosquito breeding from time to time," said North MCD Public Relations Officer Yogendra Singh Mann.

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