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Dengue scare: Total 831 cases; 778 in August only

Over 830 cases of dengue have been reported this year till August, the highest number for the period in the past five years, according to a municipal report released on Monday. August has reported its highest number, with cases rising to an alarming 778. At least 780 cases were reported till August 28, and among the fresh 250 cases last <g data-gr-id="22">week,</g> included a Palestinian diplomat and his two sons.

First Secretary in Palestine Embassy Abd Elrazeg Abu Jazer was admitted to a private hospital in Chanakyapuri on August 26 while his two sons Ashraf (23) and <g data-gr-id="17">Amzad</g> (16) were admitted to a hospital on August 28. Salvatore Girone, one of the two Italian marines facing murder charges, is down with dengue here after which the Italian defence ministry had dispatched two military doctors to India. The number of cases from January 1 to August 29 for the last four years before 2015 are — 33 (2014), 162 (2013), 13 (2012), 73 (2011). For the same period in 2010, over 1,000 cases were reported.

Two casualties have been officially reported due to the vector-borne disease while a 10-year-girl, 
whose death in the first week of August, has been designated by the municipal bodies as a suspected dengue case. 
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