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Dengue bites first victim in capital’s political circle

Dengue has extended its reach to Delhi's political circles, claiming a first time independent councillor as its first victim among the city's politicians.

For the past few days twenty-five-year-old Naresh Balyan, a first time councillor in South Delhi Municipal Corporation [SDMC], was suspected of suffering from dengue, but the diagnosis was finally confirmed on Tuesday. Balyan is admitted in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi and his condition is said to be stable. Officers of the health department are, however, trying to cover up the matter.

'It has been confirmed that Balyan is suffering from dengue after all prescribed tests as per government standards were carried out,' said a doctor at the hospital on condition of anonymity. According to sources officers and leaders of the corporation have visited Balyan in the hospital but are still trying to cover up the matter.

Balyan, a councillor from Mohan Garden ward in SDMC's west zone was admitted in the hospital two days back. 'His blood platelet count on the day of admission was 6,000 and it has now improved to 30,000,' said a politician who visited him in the hospital.

Meanwhile, dengue has continued its march through the less hallowed circles of the city with approximately 30 cases of the illness being reported from the city per day for the past 15 days.

On Tuesday, the nodal centre of MCD registered 29 new cases of dengue, the maximum of which, 15 cases, were from the SDMC area. So far the city has registered 484 cases of dengue, among which 479 have been from the MCD area. The figure in 2011 was 416. Within the MCD area, 197 dengue cases have been reported from the SDMC area, 108 from the NDMC area and 86 from the EDMC are.

Posh south Delhi has been worst hit, with 78 cases reported from the area, followed by 53 cases in Shahdar South. Posh localities in the NDMC area have also not been spared, with none cases from dengue reports coming in from the area. 
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