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Demonetisation ruins aspirants’ competitive examination dreams

Demonetisation of Rs 500 and 1,000 notes is giving a tough time to students who are preparing for competitive examinations in Kalu Sarai area of South Delhi. 

Most of the students who come to study at the coaching centres in Kalu Sarai are from outside states and have been preparing for a year for the competitive examinations. 

There are over twenty-five thousand students who go to various coaching centres at Kalu Sarai. 

As the competitive examinations near, most of the students are facing a difficult situation to have enough cash for their basic expenses. 

The challenges faced in shortage of cash is resulting in most of the students to not be able to devote enough time for final revisions of chapters. 

Most of the competitive examinations for entry to management colleges and Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is due to begin in November and December. 

Students who are preparing for their engineering and medical entrances are also finding it difficult to concentrate on their academics due to shortage of cash.

Rahul Srivastav, who hails from Agra, preparing for the Common Admission Test said: “I am preparing for CAT and other MBA examinations. I will be appearing for the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) examinations on November 27. I have done a lot of investment for my coaching and cannot afford to not get into an average management  college. Demonetisation is proving to be difficult for an outsider student like me as I have to organise bills for my food, my stationary, my travels, most of which is still not digitised.”   

Rahul mentioned that he has had a word with his landlord to defer the rent for the month of November as he will be requiring it for his academic activities.

Rohan Dev who is preparing for JEE said: “I have missed classes as I had to get cash on urgent basis. For getting  cash you have to stand at the ATMs for two-three hours.” 

Not only students but also the shopkeepers of Kalu Sarai are having challenging times due to demonetisation. 

Vipin Aggarwal who runs a stationary shop in the area said: “Most of the students just do not have enough cash for buying items. Since we are running short of change, we are providing credit to our student customers.”
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