Delhi's tribute to the Bard

Delhis tribute to the Bard
Shakespeare has withstood the passage of time. He stood out owing to his relevance through the generations. 

Not only does his plays on political conspiracy deliver foresight in terms of modern day ambition and lust for power but even his social comedies are of significance , as in its core, the truth is stated about propriety and its rootedness. On the occasion of William Shakespeare's 400th death anniversary, Mahesh Bhatt presented 'Do Deewane Sheher Mein' inspired by Shakespeare's less explored and very first play 'Two Gentlemen of Verona', which was held last weekend in the Capital.

An apt adaptation? Well, the play told the story of two friends and their intertwined love stories, set against the backdrop of modern-day Delhi. The trip from Verona to Milan in the Bard's play became a business meeting in Goa; the Duke became a business tycoon; the two protagonists Shiv Chauhan (Sunil) and Imran Zahid (Sahil) were transformed from merchants to app developers. It was quite clever how they managed to make Shakespearean characters relatable to the audience. It was funny and a good experience overall.

The play was directed by Kalyani Hiwale-an NSD graduate where she explores love and loyalty as its central theme. It is an entertaining and endearing story dealing with matters of the heart. Zoa Morani as Mayavi and Priyanka Lulla as Kashish, did a fine job as the modern-day love interests.

Dreams dreamt by Shakespeare transcend the most luxuriant human imagination and paves the way for other incessant dreams including 'Do Deewane Sheher Mein'. 

They celebrated the forgotten treasures of the original 'Dream Merchant' with the firm belief that his spirit will be blessing them.
Puja Banerjee

Puja Banerjee

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