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World record: AIIMS conducted 1.94 lakh surgeries in 2018

New Delhi: With around 1.94 lakh surgeries in a year, All India Institute of Medical Science has become the institute, who has performed maximum surgeries across the world in 2018. However, 10,000 bedded hospital in Taiwan's Chang Gung Memorial Hospital performed average of 1.67 lakh surgeries who claimed to have performed the highest number of surgeries since past few years across the world.

Whereas in AIIMS, nearly 2.35 lakh get admitted in their wards and 43 lakh gets treatment in OPDs of AIIMS in this year.

So far, two big hospitals in Taiwan and China claimed to have the highest number of surgery for the past few years. "Nonetheless, many more surgeries have been operated in AIIMS than the two biggest hospital in the world. In the coming days, AIIMS is on the way to make many more records at the international level," said an senior official.

According to the reports, AIIMS will become the world's third largest hospital by next year in capacity of beds. As Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Tiwan is the biggest with the 10,000 bedded hospital and West China Medical Center of Sichuan University in China with 4,300 bedded hospital is the second biggest hospital in the world. But with the opening of National Cancer Institute located in Bhadsa, Haryana in January 2019, with the bedded strength of 710, will be added to the account of AIIMS.

AIIMS is currently having 2456 bedding capacity and with the opening of its four blocks, it will increase the capacity of around 925 beds in the coming year.

There are plenty of surgeries that have taken place in Taiwan, China and American countries in 2018. However, for the past few years, surgery in Delhi's AIIMS has also increased sharply.

An official said that under the master plan of AIIMS, it will reach the capacity of 6,000 beds in the hospital in the coming years. If this plan is completed on time, AIIMS will leave behind both of the world's biggest hospital in the world. Also, in India, it will be the largest among the government hospitals in the list.

'Around 2.19 lakh patients were admitted in the year 2015 and 1.70 lakh patients were operated and 35 lakh got treatment in AIIMS's OPD.

Moreover, in 2016, around 1.76 surgeries were conducted and 2.34 patients were admitted in AIIMS wards and 41 million patients had been treated in AIIMS OPD.

In year 2017, AIIMS operated 1.94 lakh patients, while the number of the admitted patients were 2.45 lakh and 43 lakh registered treatment through OPD.

In 2019, four new blocks having 925 beds in AIIMS and the National Cancer Institute having capacity of 710 beds, will enhance the capacity of AIIMS beds upto 4,910 which will be leaving behind the country's biggest hospital—Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad with capacity of 2800 beds. And thereafter, AIIMS will be the third biggest hospital in the world.

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