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Workers complain of intimidation by Honda management

Workers complain of intimidation by Honda management

Gurugram: More than five days after 200 workers were laid off from the Honda automobile plant situation remains tense at the auto major's factory in Manesar.

The uneasy calm is due to the sit-in protest that has been carried by over 1000 contractual workers who have been sacked by the company in the last three months.

On its part, the company has already started that lay-offs are being carried out amid the slowdown and poor sales being experienced in the auto sector, the workers however are not satisfied with the claims.

"We would have supported the company had they been clear in communication with us. Most of the contractual employees who are being laid have spent more than ten years of their golden period with the company. Now rather than compensating us, the company is trying to make us scapegoats and removing us from the company. The company should realise that most of us re out of jobs for four months " said Ravinder one of the sacked employees.

The Honda motors which is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycles in the country laid off 250 employees from its maintenance units. According to sources, the company had earlier too laid off over 700 employees from its Manesar plant.

The recent case cutting down the workdays in Maruti factories of Gurugram and Manesar and its adverse effects on job losses in auto ancillary units reflected how weak economic quarters were hurting the automobile industry.

The Gurugram-Manesar belt has more than 650 ancillary companies that produce automotive components.

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