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Women in Mahananda Express killed for 'Honour'

New Delhi: A man murdered his wife and mother-in-law allegedly to guard the family's 'honour' has been arrested by Railway police.
The man, identified as Pushpendra, told the cops that the women were into depression and left home on numerous occasions and returned late at night, giving the family a bad name.
The man was a resident of Bulandshahar in western Uttar Pradesh.
Earlier, the bodies of two women Nishu (daughter) and Maya (mother ), aged 26 and 45 respectively, were found abandoned in two different bogies of stationary Mahananda Express at Shahdara Railway Station on August 17.
The first hint to the police that pointed towards someone known was a slip from Maya that had the address of both the women. The cops soon zeroed on the family members who were called for questioning to Delhi.
When Nishu's husband Pushpendra came to Delhi, his behaviour was suspicious and the cops soon tracked his mobile location at the time of the murder on August 17. Soon, the suspicion was confirmed and Pushpendra's location was found to be in Shahdara on the murder day which he concealed from police.
"Fed up with the behaviour of the two, he decided to eliminate them and brought them to Delhi on the pretext of living in a rented accommodation. He waited at Shahdara Railway Station and after sunset started moving towards Seelam Pur side along the track. He found the gate of a train coach stationed there opened. All of three boarded the train where he murdered them," said DCP Railways, Parwaiz Ahmed.
He first killed his wife Nishu, hitting her head with the iron grill inside the coach. Later, he turned towards the mother and strangulated her with making a knot with her own saree. He neatly placed the dead bodies on the seats and left.
Since, the jewellery was intact and the initial examination ruked out sexual assault the cops were clear about someone close has comitted the murder and later confronted Pushpendra with the evidence and arrested him.
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