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Woman helps husband kill her paramour, couple arrested

New Delhi: A man was found charred in a store room after a couple set him on fire as they failed to dispose the body off.
Burning the body turned futile as the foul smell filled fumes spread quickly from a temple's store room in Gandhinagar and police was alerted on Wednesday morning.
As the police team along with senior officers entered the room, the heat hinted the body has been burnt recently.
However, as the cops turned the half burned body they found a pungent smell which showed that the body has started decomposing suggesting that the man has first been murdered and then burnt to hide identification.
Soon, the cops focused investigation on the temple priest who they thought would be key in divulging details, however, the needle of suspicion soon pointed to the priest after he failed to satisfy investigators with his answers.
The priest Lakhan Dubey was picked up and interrogated at length.
The story that the priest told was both shocking and horrific. Lakhan Dubey told that the deceased 35-year-old man is Chandra Shekhar , a resident of Goverdhan in Mathura who was next door neighbour to the priest.
He revealed that his wife developed illicit relations with Chandra shekhar.
"When he got to know about his wife's affair, he brought her to Delhi and confronted her. She admitted and to save her marrigae agreed to call ChandraShekar to Gandhinagar in Delhi, where he was given sleeping pills and later strangulated by the duo," said DCP Shahdara Nupur Prasad.
The plan was to dispose the body but they could not find time and after two days decided to burn the body that started decomposing.
Both Lakhan Dubey and his wife have been arrested.
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